IP Telephony/Call Center solutions Digium, Askozia, Sangoma FreePBX, Aheeva

The Asterisk has most implemented IP Telephony solutions in the world. You can have a variety of features from the simple PBX system to Unified communication system including Video call.

We provide both out-of-box and customization IP Telephony based on Asterisk, to make sure that your communication will be improved according to the Business process as well as cost effective.

  • Digium Switchvox SMB/Cloud, Interface card, Software licenses, Phones
  • Donec fermentum porttitor nuncs.
  • Askozia Intutive Ip-PBX on embeds devices, Physical Servers and Visualize
  • FreePBX OSS with commercial module add-on for Cloud and on premise
  • Polycom, Cisco, Yealink, Ericsson-LG, Grandstream IPPhone
  • Professional services, IVR design, Application integration and DR for IP-PBX
  • Call Center/Contact Center PBX and Software integration


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